Brisbane Ballet - Brisbane Thomas Dixon Centre Redevelopment

Brisbane Thomas Dixon Centre Redevelopment

This extensively refurbished multi-story Centre, opened mid-2022 and has been specifically designed to be conducive to the performing arts and community engagement, with wellness at its core.  

The building management requirements incorporate complex workflows and operations covering: six dance studios, a performance and wellness centre, expanded wardrobe and production facilities, a roof terrace café and function spaces. A future ‘bunker bar’ is planned by converting former ‘air raid’ shelters.  

AETMOS the Kaiterra SE-100 Sensedge Air Quality Monitoring devices’. These devices are WELL v2, RESET and LEED Standards compliant. The devices enabled the project building refurbishment to meet its air quality monitoring standards and provided 6 points towards WELL Certification for the building. 

The Kaiterra devices are integrated into the existing Building Management System (BMS) and placed strategically throughout the building. The devices measure: Temperature, Relative humidity, CO2, PM2,5, PM10 and TVOC.  


The devices are monitoring close to 5000 square metres, providing building managers with access to real-time, 24/7 monitoring of building air quality - the key to a healthy working, performing and community engagement –  

Utilising the devices client focused ‘dashboard’, these Kaiterra devices allow building management constant tracking of optimal space conditions and assist building ‘health checks’, with fast notification times for detection of poor air quality and the effectiveness of air filtration systems.  This assists managers to minimise potential impacts of poor air quality on workers, performers and the community and act as a protection mechanism for all concerned. 


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