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We approach building upgrades with integrity, putting our clients in touch with the best products and solutions for their goals. We are here to help you avoid the pitfalls of Proprietary only technology and future Pain-points that arise from lack of support, flexibility, product scalability, value for money and technology dead ends.

unlocking a safer indoor environment for office workers, construction staff,  aged care residents


Devices feature pre-calibrated and  INTERCHANGEABLE  sensor modules.



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With the Australian Air Quality Index built right into many of our platforms you can be confident knowing you have the most relevant and reliable data at the ready


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Devices connect to the closest outdoor air station available for real-time indoor vs outdoor comparisons.

In January 2020 the Canberra region experienced unprecedented declines in air quality as a result of bushfires across NSW. As a result, we prioritised the installation of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors across our portfolio. Thanks to AETMOS Pty Ltd, we were able to install real-time IAQ sensors across all of our Canberra buildings within days of the request.

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The Sensedge is tested and certified by the RESET standard for accuracy, and fully compliant with the WELL v2 building standard for performance.



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