Department of Health - Australian Government

Project consisted of 12 sites, 40+ Devices installed across 8 states & territories here in Australia.

Project provided real-time air quality monitoring of PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, Temperature and Relative Humidity - all linked to a central reporting and alerting system.


In January 2020 the Canberra region experienced unprecedented declines in air quality as a result of bushfires across NSW. As a result, we prioritised the installation of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors across our portfolio.

Thanks to Alex Ellerman and AETMOS Pty Ltd, we were able to install real-time IAQ sensors across all of our Canberra buildings within days of the request. These sensors allowed real-time monitoring and automated alerts to the mobiles of key staff across the Department, with further reporting developed over the course of the month to reduce the administrative burden on staff sending manual reporting as the incident unfolded.

As the officer responsible for the Department’s Property and Procurement functions at the time, I whole-heartedly recommend Alex and AETMOS to any other opportunities that arise.

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