AETMOS is proud to be working alongside the Department of Education, Skills and Employment with 6 sites across two states all fitted with the SE-100 Sensedge as well as our very first in-house, all Australian, fully purpose built air quality detection add-on; measuring in at a super cute 35mmx38mmx60mm this device is robust, cost effective and packs in more functionality than most other sensors combined. Oh it runs on a super secure wifi network, pre-configured for some straight plug and play action once it reaches site -Real-time monitoring of the full UVA/B spectrum, LUX, Lumens, Barometric pressure, temperature and humidity.


We are genuinely so thankful to be working for the department who has been willing support, engage and care about the ongoing improvement to occupant health and wellbeing. It’s been an absolute pleasure carrying out this project and we’d like to say a big thank you to all the contacts we have dealt with during the course of these works.  device #AETMOS #Health #Wellbeing #IAQ #IndoorAirQuality #Monitoring #Australia #Canberra #Solutions #CleanAir #Sensedge #Kaiterra #HealthySpaceOptimisation #HealthySpaces #OptimalSpaceMonitoing #Inivation #ACTGovernment #Department #Education #Skills #Employment

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We breathe more than 15,000 liters of air every single day. Optimizing indoor air can have measurable benefits and help people and businesses thrive




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